Adult Bible Fellowship
Sundays 9:30-10:15 am

Sunday school for all ages starts in September and ends in June. The following two adult sessions will be offered. Please prayerfully consider coming to one of these excellent classes.


Counseling and Discipleship Training

Pastor James will be teaching a class for people who have a passion for seeing believers equipped to disciple and counsel one another with the Word of God.  If you are seeking to equip yourself better to serve the body, or have a vision of being part of a group of people with a vision to cultivate an atmosphere of one-another care at The Chapel, this course will be a valuable tool for you. 


The Book of Acts taught by Pastor Doug

Last year Pastor Doug started teaching from the Book of Acts. This semester is entitled “Unbound: The Gospel Advances Thru Paul's Imprisonment” and will finish the series.

Even though Paul is imprisoned throughout Acts 21-28, the Gospel message continues to advance, as Paul bears witness before political rulers even as far as Rome. We will be discussing Paul's speeches as a prisoner and God's providential watch care of Paul throughout the process. We will be exploring key Greco-Roman background material, which will help us to better understand the world in which Paul ministered. This will include watching some quality videos on key sites and events in Acts. All of this will allow us to more wisely and courageously 'live the gospel out loud' in our own context.