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Senior High

The senior high group meets every Sunday at 6:00 PM at The Chapel. See Bill and Jessica Dean.

Sunday, August 18th there is a BBQ at the Hoff’s house, all teens are welcome. Come hangout from 5-7:30 for food and games. Please contact Jon Parker for more info (860-796-2411,

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Young Adult Letters (of) Encouragement

If you would appreciate a letter of encouragement to be sent to your high school or college/career aged child(ren), please complete the online form.

Or, by sending an email with the information requested and emailing the response to (Please list your child’s first and last name, their date of birth, the mailing address where they should receive mail, and include any information that you feel may be relevant (i.e. course of study, upcoming special event, and any prayer needs). It would be a privilege to assume ministry in this area, which was first started by Pam Slack.

Thank you,
Danielle Hamblin